Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A quick and simple dinner

Tonight the kids had their church classes so I decided to make something quick and simple. I made some Pork chops grilled on the George Foreman, smashed potatoes, and a simple side dish that I had made in an earlier post. I love the Black Bean & Corn mixture. It is so good!I am actually looking forward to lunch tomorrow just so I can have it again! You are supposed to eat it wrapped in a piece of lettuce, but I couldn't find any worth buying here in our little store. The only thing is if you are going to eat it you might not want to get too close to anyone for a while! We are talking strong onion & garlic taste, but oh so good! I knew when I made it the first time I would definitely be making it again. Today just seemed like the perfect day! I love it when a good idea comes together!


Ivonne said...

Isn't it funny how the simple dinners are almost always the ones that we enjoy the most. And they're usually the most memorable as well.

Great post and great dinner!

crystal said...

I love mashed potatoes. Just looking at them makes me happy.