Tuesday, October 18, 2005

An Excellent Package!

I received my BBM 2 package in the mail yesterday and what a package it was! Joanne sent me a great package that included some Scharffen Cocoa Powder (which I will be putting to great use really quick!), some Pulparindo candy, a handy dandy citrus juicer (which my son already put to use to make himself some lemonade), a bottle of Blenheim Ginger Ale and a bottle of her homebrew Ale! My kids were excited to see the tamarind candy and called first dibs on them immedietly! She also included 2 of her favorite recipes! One was for Tunisian Vegetable Stew and the other is for a Chocolate Cinnamon Torte. Yummy! I plan on trying the torte this weekend when my dad comes home. The stew I plan on making later on this week. I will let you know how they both turn out! I wanted to put up a link to her website, but I wasn't able to find out what the link to her site was or if she had one. So if you happen to read this... Thanks Joanne for all the cool stuff!

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