Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Yesterday’s mail had an exciting delivery! I received a package from France!! Myrtille was my FoodieSwap partner for July. The swap for July was “the way the cookie crumbles”. We were supposed to send our partner a package of cookies. She sent me a beautiful tin of these delicious cookies. I am not sure how to pronounce them though. I also like that the tin has my name on it! After the cookies are gone, it will definitely find a place in my kitchen! The cookies are really crisp, light and buttery. Excellent! They kind of reminded me of the butter cookies that you can find around Christmas time. Thanks Myrtille!


crystal said...


myrtille said...

I'm very happy that you liked these cookies! They are really old famous in France! I was less lucky than you (my partner from june/may sent me anything) argg!
If you like cookies, for the recipe go on this link,(write in english):

Have a nice day

UnGourmetGal said...

Your cookies sound wonderful, and the tin is like a second gift.