Tuesday, April 18, 2006

District Champs!!!

Our Varsity Softball team won District Champs this year so I thought I would make them something special as a surprise. Kourtney helped me to come up with the decorating idea. We couldn't fit all of the girl's names on the cake so we used their numbers instead. The D & C on the sides of the softball are the initials of both coaches. Funny thing is that it is also the initials of the school's name! Worked out really well! It came out really good. Sometimes I surprise myself!! Hopefully they will like it. It is just a good thing that they won't be eating it until the afternoon or else these girls will be hyper with all this sugar! Way to go Fillies!!


purplecupcake said...

Heehee, I thought the DC was for the District Champs, too. It all worked out like you said. It's a lovely cake and I bet they'll all enjoy it. Homemade cakes are the best...
So? Did you use your new KA to help bake that cake? LOL

Ivonne said...

Hi Michelle,

If I win something you will bake me a cake???


That is so sweet and congratulations to the champs!

Michelle said...

Thanks guys!

Purple: I did use it! I am just looking for things to make just so I can! I love it!

Ivonne: I will send it asap!

Anonymous said...

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