Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Chocolate & More Chocolate

Today I am posting about 2 wonderful things that I made. Monday I made a wonderful Black and White Cakethat I found on the Cooking Light website. It was so simple and so good. It was moist and I loved how both layers had their own individual flavors. The white was a simple vanilla cake while the chocolate had a wonderful almond flavor. The recipe only makes a 8"square cake so that helped a lot because I think I could have eaten the whole thing!

Tonight I made the girls another batch of cookies for tomorrow's trip to an out of town tournament. I made them my version of the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie from Crisco. I use the same exact recipe except I like to add some butterscotch chips in with the chocolate chips and I add a whole lot more pecans. They are mmm mmmm good! Hopefully all the sugar will get the girls up and going since they are leaving at 4:45 in the Morning!


Jill said...

I love that cookie recipe. My husband really likes it when I use a mix of white and dark chocolate chips.

Ivonne said...

How can people not want to eat chocolate ALL THE TIME when such beautiful things as you made exist in the world???

Wonderful post and I think the cookies (and cake) look fantastic!

Chloe said...

WOW I guess you are on a chocolate streak!! I have been craving apples myself and just whipped up an apple pie last night... I cheated this time and just used the roll out pie crust... I needed instant gratification LOL! It all looks yummy!