Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wish Me Luck!

Have you ever loved to do something but quit only because you have found that there are not enough hours to do what you love? That is what I have been thinking about for quite some time now. I love to cook and used to keep up with this blog faithfully until things felt like they got so complicated. Between ball games, work and home life I felt like I didn't have time to do anything I loved to. I began feeling like what I made wasn't blog worthy, but I didn't have the time to scour all of my cookbooks to find something different. I got in the rut of making the "usual dinners" because they didn't take much time and heaven forbid I make a calorie laden dessert.

I have finally begun to think of my own feelings for a change. I am now beginning to understand that time for myself to do what I love is what makes me feel human and not like a robot who gets up for work, makes dinner, straightens the house, runs errands, sleeps and starts the next day over again to do the same thing. I started off small with an hour here or there to read a good book or play a game on the computer, but now I realize that nothing relaxes me more than baking. I am going to try to start cooking again and maybe I will post my creations to this blog again, but just writing this now makes me feel so inspired to actually do it.

There is another problem though. Baking is my passion but I feel terrible for tossing out all the leftovers that no one wants to eat. My co-workers along with my family have tired of all the fattening foods and requested no more since all the butter and sugar are unhealthy. I know there are foods out there that don't require so much artery clogging ingredients, but I am a fan of the real thing. My dreams were to one day open a bakery of my own and all of my baking was in hopes of being able to perfect my techniques.

Maybe I should just start small with a little cookie here or there and take it one day at a time again. I am sure somewhere out there, there is someone willing to eat my pastries and if not, well, I had a fabulous time making them! So wish me luck!


Crystal said...

Hoooooorayyyyyy!!!! You said it, sister. :)

Carmi said...

I wish I lived in West Texas, because I'd happily line up to buy whatever it is that you make. So happy to see you pursuing your dream.

Hope everything is going well for you as 2009 dawns, and that your relative blog-quiet is due to your spending some serious time in the kitchen.

Desmone007 said...

Go for it...the more you cook the more experience you get and you're doing something you enjoy.
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Alex said...

I had the same problem so I ended up selling cakes to tea rooms.

Sugar and butter are not unhealthy in moderation, a sweet treat brightens the week.

Good luck