Wednesday, November 30, 2005

An early start

Today Gary & I took a day's vacation to go out shopping for the kids presents. I (as usual) waited until right before Christmas to do so. I had so much fun! I also decided that it was time to put up my tree. I am so into the Christmas spirit! I love Christmas. Not to mention that this is my first Christmas in our new (well 8 month old) house. Gary and Kourtney got me my little Chef Santa on the fireplace. I love it so much! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. (Hobby Lobby) I decorated the tree tonight and wrapped the gifts. The only thing missing is my Poinsettia's that I purchased from the school. They haven't arrived yet. I am so anxious for them to get here so I can put them on either side of my Santa. I am not finished yet though. We are going to put the lights up outside tomorrow and then Gary is taking me shopping for more inside decorations. Did I mention I love Christmas. My next purchase is a new Nativity Scene. Mine looks a little small now next to my fireplace and tree.

I bought my annual purchase of the Nutcracker CD since somehow mine always seems to turn up missing by the end of Christmas. I honestly think they hide it from me because they are not into that kind of music. I am also excited because I am supposed to go to the ballet of The Nutcracker this year! I have wanted to for so long and have never been able to go. My mom told me that if my husband didn't want to go she would take me. I can't wait! I watch it on the TV when it comes on whether it be the ballet or the cartoon. Gosh! I am bursting right now with excitement!


Jennifer said...

Your tree looks beautiful, and I love your fireplace!!
Our tree is pretty nice, too, but it is naked underneath, so I am waiting until I wrap a few presents before I take pictures of it! :)

crystal said...

Hey sis! Looks very pretty! We're also going to see the nutcracker in a few weeks! It's my first time ever, so I'm pretty excited, too.

Carmi said...

I love the warmth in your words here. You've set the stage for a wonderful holiday - for your family, and for the rest of us who read you.