Monday, November 14, 2005


Well I have sent my package to my blogging by mail partner. I wasn't exactly sure what to send because I was afraid that if I sent something homemade it would go bad or stale by the time it arrived in SINGAPORE!!! I decided to make and send some Candied Walnuts along with a few other goodies. The walnuts were great! I sure wish I could have shown you a picture of them, but alas....I forgot! I am getting a little bad at this! Slacking off some I would say, wouldn't you? I am hoping to get back to my usual self soon. I have just found myself in a bit of a slump. I will definitely post my BBM3 package when it arrives. I can't wait to see what arrives at the door! I have found me a couple of pretty spiffy looking recipes that I want to try this week and as usual they are for sweets. First I have to see if I can't sneak myself in a new mixer! I would say I deserved a little bit of an early Christmas present ;o) I guess we will have to see what happens! Catchya later!


crystal said...

Wow...that's so cool that you sent something to Singapore! I just sent something to a friend in Canada, so we'll see when both of our packages arrive!

Jennifer said...

And you didn't SHARE THE RECIPE for the candied walnuts?!? They sound delicious!!!

spots said...

Hi Michelle, I received your package! :) Thanks so much - the candied walnuts are delicious! Will post abt them soon! :)